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Aboriginal information on various Australian bird species

Yaama, gulbiyaay! [gamilaraay, yuwalayaay], Giinagay! [gumbaynggirr], Marang ngindhugir nginha! [wiradjuri], Mirambeena! Orana!

We have started collecting Aboriginal information on various bird species, in addition to Aboriginal names for more than 230 species, from various sources. Links to Aboriginal information from the main pages on specific bird species are always marked by the Aboriginal flag .

Currently Aboriginal information is available for the following species:

Australian Pelican ("Pelican")
Wedge-tailed Eagle ("Eagle-hawk")
Black Kite ("Fork-tailed Kite")
Masked Lapwing ("Masked Plover")
Bush Stone-curlew ("Curlew")
Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo ("Black Cockatoo")
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo ("White Cockatoo")
Southern Boobook ("Mopoke Owl")
Red-capped Robin ("Robin Red Breast")
Willie Wagtail
Torresian Crow ("Crow")

More inclusions will follow as they become available.

Aboriginal line drawing (laser-cut steel) of an Australian Brush-turkey ("wagun") displayed at Deriah Aboriginal Area (formerly Deriah Forest) - artwork shown with kind permission by artist S. Booby

Disclaimer: Not being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin, we make no claim of intellectual ownership of any of the information presented here. We merely collect facts and stories documented by others. Credits/references are listed HERE.