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Osprey, Kites, Eagles, Buzzard, Harriers, Baza,
Sparrowhawk, Goshawks, Kestrel, Hobby, Falcons


Aboriginal name(s): "nairana", "walawuru", "warrimoo" = eagle

NB: Apart from the various Goshawks (Grey, Brown and Red), there are no bird species in Australia called "hawks". This name is often mistakenly used in everyday Australian English for "raptor" or "bird of prey".

Eastern Osprey
Brahminy Kite
Whistling Kite
Little Eagle
Black Kite
Square-tailed Kite
Black-breasted Buzzard
Wedge-tailed Eagle
White-bellied Sea-Eagle
Spotted Harrier
Swamp Harrier
Black-shouldered Kite
Letter-winged Kite
Pacific Baza
Collared Sparrowhawk
Brown Goshawk
Grey Goshawk
Red Goshawk
Nankeen Kestrel
Australian Hobby
Peregrine Falcon
Brown Falcon
Black Falcon
Grey Falcon

Only native bird species sighted by us are listed in this table and only items where we have some information are clickable links to the relevant sections.