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Fairy-wrens, Emu-wrens, Grasswrens


Purple-crowned Fairy-wren
White-winged Fairy-wren
Splendid Fairy-wren
Superb Fairy-wren
Variegated Fairy-wren
Purple-backed Fairy-wren
Blue-breasted Fairy-wren
Lovely Fairy-wren
Red-winged Fairy-wren
Red-backed Fairy-wren
Southern Emu-wren
Rufous-crowned Emu-wren
Carpentarian Grasswren
Eyrean Grasswren
Striated Grasswren
Thick-billed Grasswren
Western Grasswren
Dusky Grasswren
Kalkadoon Grasswren

Only native bird species sighted by us are listed in this table and only items where we have some information are clickable links to the relevant sections.