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Bunya Mountains National Park, QLD, Australia

Aboriginal name: "bunya"/"bonye"/"bunyi"/"bunya-bunya" = name of tree species & nut of tree

Here a few photos taken at Bunya Mountains NP. It is located near Dalby, QLD, a few hundred km west of Brisbane, and forms one in a series of small ranges on the western edge of the Great Dividing Range. Its name derives from the presence of Bunya pines, a type of Araucaria - one piece of evidence that Australia and South America were connected in the past (Gondwana)

Overview of an area of forest dominated by Bunya pines

Here two of the trees that give the NP its name - Bunya pines - "Araucaria bidwillii"

Bunya pine cone (not from a National Park!); it measures about 20x12 cm and is mature

The forest at Bunya Mountains NP is clearly rainforest

View from the Dandabah camping ground at sunrise

Bunya Mountains NP is not only about Bunya pines; this western slope is dominated by eucalypts and grasstrees

Grasstrees in evening sunlight

Wallabies (in this case Red-legged Pademelons) are so numerous at Dandabah that one can get the impression that every house has its own private pet animals on the lawn

Sooty Owl looking down at the observer from its daytime roost

Regent Bowerbirds are found at Bunya Mountains NP

Sketch of the walking tracks at Bunya Mountains NP

Since we do not have a permit, photos from National Parks in QLD are not available for sale.