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Australian Bustard

(Ardeotis australis)
Alternative names: "Plains Turkey", "Wild Turkey", "Turkey", "Kori Bustard"
Aboriginal names: "mantaba", "murranudda", "boorawa", "burrawa", "cooraki", "kipara", "kyogle", "nanatee", "nanundi", "numerkah", "pooranna", "ballala"

Size: 80 cm - 1.3 m; wing span up to 2.3 m
Weight: 6.3 kg (male; average), 4.3-12.75 kg (female)
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Taxonomy, classification

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Range, habitat, finding this species

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An Australian Bustard was seen 20 km South of Narrabri, on several occasions in November/December 2006, where it roosted in a palm tree.

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Lateral view of an Australian Bustard in open grassland
[Near Narrabri, NSW, July 2014]

Dorsal view of an Australian Bustard in open grassland
[Near Narrabri, NSW, July 2014]

Lateral view of an Australian Bustard in flight [Near Narrabri, NSW, July 2014]

Frontal view of an Australian Bustard in captivity

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