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Wonga Pigeon

(Leucosarcia melanoleuca)
Aboriginal name: "wonga-wonga"
Size: 35-40 cm
Weight: 250 g (average)
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Taxonomy, classification

See Wonga Pigeon at Wikipedia .

Range, habitat, finding this species

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A single Wonga Pigeon was seen by us taking off from the rainforest floor into the high canopy of a strangler fig at Iluka NR, northern NSW, in February 2012.

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Lateral view of a Wonga Pigeon foraging on the ground (photo courtesy of B. Hensen)
[Copeland, NSW, February 2013]

Lateral view of a Wonga Pigeon foraging on the ground (photo courtesy of R. Plumtree)
[Cape Conran Wildlife Caravan Park, Cape Conran, East Gippsland, VIC, October 2007]

Close-up near-lateral view of a Wonga Pigeon in captivity (photo courtesy of C. Hayne)

Food, Diet

All pigeons and doves are strictly vegetarian. Wonga Pigeons are fruit-eaters.

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